• Use the AWS AWS RateScope [Click here] to see which Ocean Carrier's Contracts have rates for the trade lane you are interested in. From the Members' Section under Contracts & Rates click on Look-Up Aid Rated. Please remember that the rates in the Look-Up Aid are port-port rates only, without the surcharges included.
  • If the port-port rate available is acceptable, download the carrier contract [Click here] from our website to determine the surcharges. From the Members Section under Contracts & Rates click on Service Contract - Rate Agreement. As an alternative you can contact the ocean carrier directly to confirm the applicable surcharge values and whether there are any planned GRI's. Whenever you contact an ocean carrier via email always copy in
  • You may not find a door rate within the contract but identify a port-port rate that works for you. In this case, ask the ocean carrier for an inland rate to add to the port-port rate. Many carriers have an on-line Zip tariff where you can locate an inland factor for a port-port rate.
  • If our existing port-port rates are not acceptable, you can request that a carrier quote a new bullet rate for your move. You will need to supply the following information; POL, POD, Container Size/Type, Commodity, Monthly Volume, Current Carrier with Current Rate; Target Carrier with Target Rate. (Please bear in mind that a carrier already handling the cargo is unlikely to quote a lower rate) To secure a good bullet rate the carrier will often request you also provide a Named Account.

NRA FILING (USA Imports and Exports Only)

  • In the USA inbound and outbound trade lanes we still have a requirement to file the sell rate that is associated with the AWS HBL. Once you determine your gross sell rate complete the NRA Filing Template [Click here]. Or from the Members' Section under MY U.S. RATES > SELL RATES > Create New NRA. Complete the template and submit it. You will receive a NRA confirmation that you can send to your customer for approval. In order for the NRA to be complete and FMC compliant you need to update the booking or numbers that correspond to your NRA in our system. Simply sign on and go to MY US RATES > SELL RATES > ALL NRA Rates.

    Note: The FMC requires that all NRA’s be updated with all corresponding booking numbers and be filed and maintained in our system for 5 years. You will have access to all of your NRA’s by simply signing on to the system and selecting MY US RATES > SELL RATES > ALL NRA Rates.

RATE FILING (China Exports only)

  • Currently all exports from China require that the sell rate be filed with the Shanghai Shipping Exchange (SSE). The requirement calls for the filing of a Rate Range for each Shipment. In order to ensure compliance, please contact us via email or We will send you the format required to comply with the SSE mandate.


  • When using an AWS rate you book the cargo directly with the carrier. You confirm to them that you are an AWS Booking Agent and specify the AWS contract number. All World Shipping will be the Shipper on the MBL.
  • If time has elapsed between the quote and the actual booking re-confirm the surcharges and the total rate.
  • Some carriers require the AWS Agent to be listed in their Service Contract as an Affiliate/Booking Agent. We will do this at the time of the initial booking for first time users.

AMS and ISF (USA imports only)

  • In all cases when using the AWS HBL for cargo imported into the USA you need to do the AMS filing [Click here] through the All World Shipping on-line system. From the Members' Section under AWS Shipments click on U.S. AMS Filing. All World Shipping is an Automated NVOCC, so we must submit AMS under AWS scac code using AWS system. On occasion ocean carriers and co-loaders may try to change this procedure so that they file HBL AMS. That is wrong. The law requires that All World Shipping submit the AMS filing whenever the AWS HBL is used.
  • On all inbound cargo AMS must be completed on-line 48 hours prior to vessel sailing. If a holiday is approaching, we suggest you do the AMS based on the information available and then correct with more accurate details at the point you have more detailed information. Under NO circumstances can you delay submitting the AMS information. You are totally liable for this; if you are late YOU WILL BE FINED.
  • AWS monitors the AMS submissions and will advise you if you receive an error message from US Customs. In that case you will need to immediately make the correction.
  • If you receive a message stating HOLD FOR INSPECTION, you will need to advise the Destination Agent not to move the shipment until you receive a message stating HOLD RELEASED. Regardless what a Port tells your destination agent, the release will only come through the AMS system. Once you receive HOLD RELEASED message in AMS system and you can then notify the destination agent accordingly.
  • Provide data for ISF filing to you consignee or destination agent or broker to file ISF 24 hours before vessel leave the loading port. Our scac code is ‘AWSL’ the HBL number format is ‘AWSLxxxxxxx’. If your broker ISF system requires both data into 1 filed, then it is ‘AWSLAWSLxxxxxx’


  • The All World Shipping HBL is always issued on-line.
  • For shipments to the USA the information from AMS will flow to the HBL. You will need to provide any missing information and add any other relevant information to complete the HBL. For non-USA shipments and USA export shipments you need to complete the template on our website.
  • The next step is to Approve the HBL and save it. This creates a PDF File. You can then print both sides of the HBL. Stamp and sign the bottom of the three (3) Original Bills of Lading with your original stamp and company stamp.
  • You should send the PDF file as a Pre-Alert to the Destination Agent advising them that additional information will be forth coming. When doing this you should also outline the conditions for releasing the cargo; ie MUST BE DELIVERED AGAINST A SURRENDERED ORIGINAL or only after the Shipper has been paid and you issue a written release.
  • To download the AWS HBL User manual (Click here).
  • To download the AWS AMS U.S. User manual (Click here).
  • To download the AWS AFR & JAPAN User manual (Click here).


  • MBL is prepared and sent to the applicable Ocean Carrier.
  • When utilizing an AWS service contract rate and issuing an AWS HBL, the Shipper or the Consignee on the MBL must be shown as All World Shipping Corp. We suggest the following format:

    (Your company name) As Agent for:
    All World Shipping Corp
    Followed by Your Address.


    (Your company name) On Behalf of
    All World Shipping Corp
    Followed by Your Address.

  • Some carriers request the Shipper on the MBL to be shown as AWS and the agent Jointly and Severely. This is OK. The Service Contract and Agency Agreement covers this legality. Some carriers may insist on this format so we advise the Agent to comply with the Ocean Carrier instructions.


  • When you receive the ocean carrier MBL/Invoice, either you or your destination agent are required to pay the ocean carrier DIRECTLY depending on whether the payment terms are Prepaid or Collect.
  • You invoice and collect the respective sell rate directly from your customer.


  • It is not mandatory but for your protection we recommend that your destination agent be an All World Shipping Agent or a WCAworld member to ensure that you are protected by the Gold Medallion Plan.
  • After selecting the destination agent you should agree on exactly what charges will be incurred in regards to the shipment. You should also state the conditions for delivery of the cargo and establish procedures for approving any additional charges. Finally, it is important to note that you need to be notified of any issues preventing delivery or incurring additional cost.