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Dear AWS Agent, 


Should your customer insist upon this type document AWS would require a Letter of Indemnification (LOI) detailing the request for a Seaway B/L and releasing All World Shipping from liability during the delivery process.




Bills of Lading and Sea Waybills are the two main documents used in the transport of goods by sea, both domestic and abroad. It can be confusing to apply and use these documents correctly; however, each one performs very specific functions.


A Sea Waybill is evidence of a contract of carriage and receipt of the goods being transported; whereas a Bill of Lading acts as the contract of carriage and receipt of the goods, while also serving as a document of title affording ownership.




Also known as “Express Release Bill of Lading” or “Straight Bill of Lading,” a Sea Waybill is used when the shipper decides to release ownership of the cargo immediately. This means that the goods can be delivered to the person identified in the document, and they will simply have to verify their identity instead of presenting a document to claim the freight.


It is important to mention that a Sea Waybill only plays an evidential function and does not give title to the goods (nonnegotiable).


When the shipment is loaded, the shipper receives a SWB simply as a reference. In this case, neither the shipper nor the importer are obligated to submit any additional documents to the carrier, and therefore the cargo is released as soon as it is available at the port.

It is therefore not a recommended process and should your customer insist upon this type document we would require a Letter of Indemnification as outlined in the first paragraph. This would be a general request for any shipment tenured in this manner. This protects you and All World Shipping from potential Liability if Commercial Terms are not met between Shipper and Consignee.



Ross Stemmler
President and COO
All World Shipping Corp.

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New AWS agents who are WCA members:


Ø  1UP Cargo South Africa Pty Ltd, Cape Town, South Africa

Ø  1UP Cargo Limited, Auckland, New Zealand

Ø  2hm Logistics, Bratislava, Slovakia

Ø  ABA Logistics, Baku, Azerbaijan

Ø  Aimart Logistics, Lagos, Nigeria

Ø  Airlift USA Inc Los Angeles, CA, United States of America

Ø  Airlift USA Inc New Jersey, NJ, United States of America

Ø  Al Jassim Customs Clearance and Freight Co., Doha, Qatar

Ø  ALTISA, Algiers, Algeria

Ø  Bach Viet Shipping Co., Ltd., Hanoi, Vietnam

Ø  Calthol Clearing & Forwarding, Durban, South Africa

Ø  Cargo Connect de Mexico S.A. de C.V., Guadalajara, Mexico

Ø  CBX Global, Jacksonville, FL, United States of America

Ø  Dalian Uniline Shipping Co., Ltd., Dalian, China

Ø  Dyho Line Global Logistics Company, Guangzhou, China

Ø  ESTS Cargo Services (East Sultan Transportation Est.), Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Ø  Express Consolidation Systems, Corp., Miami, FL, United States of America

Ø  Fast Reach International Cargo Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

Ø  Fast Track Forwarding & Logistics S.A De C.V., Monterrey, Mexico

Ø  Freight Rangers Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand

Ø  H.K. Fast Reach International Freight Limited, Hong Kong, China

Ø  Harbour Navigation Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand

Ø  Heyru Canada Inc., Winnipeg, Canada

Ø  High Tech World Cargo (L.L.C), Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ø  HI-Line Shipping Services Pvt Ltd. (Mumbai), India

Ø  IAS Forwarding, Mexico City, Mexico

Ø  Intermodal Shipping & Cargo Private Limited, Bangalore, India

Ø  International Trans 06, Tirana, Albania

Ø  Keen & Able Logistics (VCR) Inc., Vancouver, Canada

Ø  Keen & Able Logistics, Inc., Montreal, Canada

Ø  Lantia Maritima S.L. (Alicante), Spain

Ø  Lantia Maritima S.L. (Barcelona), Spain

Ø  Lantia Maritima S.L. (Beijing), China

Ø  Lantia Maritima S.L. (Guadalajara), Mexico

Ø  Lantia Maritima S.L. (Mexico City), Mexico

Ø  Lantia Maritima S.L. (Valencia), Spain

Ø  Linktis sp. Z.o.o., Warsaw, Poland

Ø  Marco Polo Multimodal, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Ø  Masa Logistics FZCO, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ø  MCICE Eritrea Ltd., Mitsiwa, Eritrea

Ø  MEPL INTERNATIONAL L.L.C, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ø  Monax Global Logistics, Istanbul, Turkey

Ø  OPL Logistics Joint Stock Company, Hanoi, Vietnam

Ø  Pegasus Shipping and Investment Company Limited, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ø  PT. Biru Pratama Logistindo Line, Semarang, Indonesia

Ø  PT. Winson Express Transindo, Jakarta, Indonesia

Ø  R.P.A. Port Ltd., Haifa, Isreal

Ø  R.P.A. PORT LTD, Lod, Isreal

Ø   Rajab Cargo Services LLC, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Ø  Real Logistics Sp. Z O.O. Sp.K., Wroclaw, Poland

Ø  S S Cargo & Logistics Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India

Ø  SDT Logistic Ltd. Sti. Istanbul, Turkey

Ø  Sealink International Inc., Plano, TX, United States of America

Ø  Shanghai Alliance International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China

Ø  Silk Route Shipping SRL, Constanta, Romania

Ø  Skanda Freight Services Private Limited, Coimbatore, India

Ø  Sunil Trade & Transport Co., Ltd., Seoul, South Korea

Ø  Super Terra (Pvt.) Limited, Lahore, Pakistan

Ø  TCF Logistics Private Limited, Mumbai, India

Ø  TM Logistics de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V., Queretaro, Mexico

Ø  Top Cargo Inc., Miami, FL, United States of America

Ø  Transimex Corp., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ø  WOW International Logistics Gmbh, Porta Westfalica, Germany


New AWS agents who are Global Affinity Alliance members:


Ø  Acto International Transport and Foreign Trade Ltd., Istanbul, Turkey

Ø  Argo Freight Lojistik A.S., Istanbul, Turkey

Ø  ASR Worldwide Ltd, London, United Kingdom

Ø  B.I.M Logistics Co., Ltd., Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Ø  Blue Coastline International Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, China

Ø  Bright Logistics LTD, Lod, Isreal

Ø  CLAUNI (Bordeaux), France

Ø  CMP International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd, Ningbo, China

Ø  ETG Logistics Holding Limited, Beira, Mozambique

Ø  ETG Logistics Nigeria Limited, Lagos, Nigeria

Ø  Fastrack Cargo Solutions Ltd, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Ø  Five Plus Care Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand

Ø  Fulter Logistics SRL, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Ø  Fulter Logistics Chile SpA, Santiago, Chile

Ø  Helin International Supply Chain Co., Ltd, Shantou, China

Ø  ITK Internationales Transport Kontor GmbH (Hamburg), Germany

Ø  Kaizen Global Corporation Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ø  Maintaler Express Logistic GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt, Germany

Ø  May International, Safat, Kuwait

Ø  MMG Freight Logistics Inc., Manila, Philippines


Ø  Skyfisher International Logistics Ltd, Shenzhen, China

Ø  SKYFRESH SAS, Etiolles, France

Ø  Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc. (Chicago), United States of America

Ø  Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc. (Miami), United States of America

Ø  Source Logistics, LLC, Charleston, SC, United States of America

Ø  Stellamar Shipping Agency Ltd, Izmir, Turkey

Ø  TXON Supply Chain Limited, Shenzhen, China


New AWS agents who are EGLN members:


Ø  AGENCIA MARITIMA Y AEREA CARIBE, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Ø  Freight Wings Lanka Pvt Ltd, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ø  Momentum Worldwide Logistics LLC, Miami, FL, United States of America


New AWS agents who are IFC8 members:


Ø  CT Logistics Co., Ltd, Hochiminh City, Vietnam

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Trade Lane



AWS - CMA CGM SC 20-1002

(Amend 4)

USA/Europe to Europe/USA



AWS - Evergreen SC 80439

(Amend 10)

Europe/Asia to USA




USA to Asia



AWS - Hapag Lloyd SC S18EGE026 (Amend 27)

Europe to USA


Hamburg Sud

AWS - Hamburg Sud SC AECC9000535

USA to Latin America



AWS - Maersk SC 74508945

USA to Europe, Europe to USA, Mediterranean/ ISC/ PAK to USA




(Amend 7)

USA to Latin America




(Amend 14)

Europe to USA




(Amend 33)

Europe to USA




The USA to Latin America, Europe, Middle East, India/PAK, Asia and Africa




(Amend 14)

Asia/India/Pakistan to USA/Canada



AWS - OOCL SC MT206778

USA to Australia/Europe/Mediterranean/Asia/ISC/Middle East/Mexico, Europe to USA, Mexico to Europe



AWS - SAFMarine SC 2164343




AWS - ZIM SC Z17080FL (Amend 62)

USA to Asia/Caribbean/Europe/Mediterranean/Mexico/ISC/Latin America



Please visit AWS website http://www.allworldshipping.com for more detail.

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Sept 8, 2020

ONE: Animal Related Product Booking Suspension is lifted for shipment from China to Turkey

Booking suspension related to livestock and animal product shipment from China to Turkey by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Republic of Turkey, confirmed the import restriction has been lifted.

Should you have further queries, please feel free to contact ONE Turkey: tr.cs.imp.all@one-line.com


Sept 3, 2020

ONE: China – New restriction on the Acceptance of Solid Waste Cargo

The government of the People's Republic of China has announced legislation which relates to “the Prevention and Control of Solid Waste Pollution” and which intends to achieve zero importation of solid waste into China by the end of 2020.

This regulation is applicable to all solid waste materials such as wastepaper, waste plastics, waste metals & waste chemicals, amongst others. Any violation of the revised regulations will result in a Customs ordered return of shipment and it is also possible that a fine may be imposed.

In order to ensure full & timely compliance with this legislation, ONE will stop accepting bookings of solid waste cargo into China with effect from all sailings with an estimated cargo arrival date of 15 November 2020 (or later).


Sept 2, 2020

ONE: CBSA Announces UPDATED Effective Dates for eManifest House BL Filing Requirement for Freight Forwarders and NVOCC’s


Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) recently issued a new Customs Notice 20-28 confirming the timetable for full transition of electronic house bill (eHBL) filing requirements that apply to Freight Forwarders and NVOCC’s.


As of Nov 1, 2020, CBSA will promote the final piece of system enhancements that will enable FF/NVO to submit eHBL for ALL consolidated shipments including:

● Back-to-Back shipments (Shipment with 1 Shipper and 1 Consignee that is managed/controlled by an FF who issues an HBL)

● Buyer Consolidation shipments (Shipment with Multiple Shipper and 1 Consignee that is managed/controlled by an FF who issues an HBL)



● Canada FROB must be reported using the legacy ACI Supplemental reports.

● Consolidated in-transit shipments moving from offshore through Canada and destined to the US may be reported using eHBLs or legacy ACI supplemental reports. Ex: Discharge Port: Vancouver and Delivery: Detroit.

● Consolidated in-transit shipments of US origin goods entering Canada for offshore export will continue to be exempt from the eHBL requirement. Ex: Place of Origin=Chicago and Load Port = Vancouver


As of Jan 4, 2021, The use of eHBLs for all consolidated shipments will become mandatory (excluding exceptions noted above):

● This will mark the beginning of a six-month informed compliance period, during which time CBSA will issue zero-rated penalties for non-compliance.

● ONE will no longer submit HBL data for Canada imports on behalf of any FF/NVO effective Jan 4, 2021.

● Monetary penalties are expected to come into effect as of June 2021.


General requirements are as follows:

● Freight Forwarders/NVOCC's must obtain a CBSA issued 8000 series carrier code (Four-character code beginning with an 8).

● Freight Forwarders/NVOCC's will be required to transmit within the current 24HR Advance Manifesting time frames:

   - Advance House Bill data must be electronically transmitted to CBSA using the eHBL data set for import shipments.

   - House BL Close message set to CBSA to indicate all eHBLs have been transmitted to CBSA.

   - Shipments that will FROB over a Canadian port must be submitted to CBSA using the Supplementary Cargo data set.


For more information, please see CBSA’s D-Memo Regulation on eHBL (#17-22, 26-29, 43-109) https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/publications/dm-md/d3/d3-3-1-eng.html#wb-cont

CBSA FAQ: https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/eservices/faq-eng.html



Sept 7, 2020

Hapag-Lloyd: USA Exports via USA Ports - Update Earliest Receiving Date (ERD)

Effective Sept 14, 2020, Hapag-Lloyd will be revising the Earliest Receiving Date (ERD) for cargo moving via rail from USA origins via USA load ports.

Dry container ERD is three days (rail ramp working days) including cargo cut-off day.
Reefer ERD is two days (rail ramp working days) including cargo cut-off day.

Containers delivered to the ramp too early are subject to storage and demurrage charges, which are for the Merchant’s account.

Please send in the rail billing form to 
qscrail@hlag.com at least two hours prior to delivering the container to the ramp. If any issues please contact during business hours +1 855-227-4612, Option 4.


Sept 7, 2020

Hapag-Lloyd: Port Kelang, Malaysia – MATCHBOX Exchange

Effective Sept 7, 2020, Hapag-Lloyd has joined a partnership with MATCHBOX Exchange for Port Kelang, Malaysia, to re-use and exchange of containers.

The MATCHBOX platform offers two valuable options:

1. Re-use function – this provides opportunities for customers to directly re-use an import container for export bookings without the container transiting through a container park.
2. Exchange function – this provides opportunities for customer to exchange an empty import container with another customer holding an export bookings.

- Rate applies: USD 25/per re-use and USD 12.50/per exchange function per party

For further enquiries, please contact Hapag-Lloyd customer service, or contact MATCHBOX Exchange customer service team at 
help@matchboxexchange.com. To learn more and sign up please visit the www.matchboxexchange.com.

Sept 7, 2020

Hapag-Lloyd: GRI – North India Inland Depots to Middle East and Indian Subcontinent

As of Sept 15, 2020 (Gate in at North India inland container depots), GRI surcharge USD 100/200/200 per 20’SD /40’SD/ 40HC will be applied for all cargo loading from North ICD to Middle East and Indian Subcontinent.

North India ICD are those that are situated in the Indian states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan & Punjab.


Sept 7, 2020

Hapag-Lloyd: New Service Rotation – South America West Coast – Asia Service (AN1 – Sling 1)

The new rotation will be as follows:


New rotation:
Manzanillo (MX) – Lazaro Cardenas - Callao – Iquique – Antofagasta – Coronel - Valparaiso – Yantian – Hong Kong – Keelung – Shanghai – Ningbo – Pusan

Previous rotation:
Manzanillo (MX) – Lazaro Cardenas - Callao – Iquique – Antofagasta – Coronel - Valparaiso – Keelung – Hong Kong – Yantian – Shanghai – Ningbo – Pusan


The first vessel performing under the new rotation will be HMM BLESSING 010W, calling Yantian on October 21, 2020.
During fruit season (Express services to Asia), change of rotation does not apply and transit times will remain the same as previous season.


Sept 7, 2020

Hapag-Lloyd: USA – Revised Inland Haulage Tariffs

Effective Oct 3, 2020 Hapag-Lloyd will revise the USA import (UIPE) and export (USIE) inland tariffs (HLAG-018 and HLAG-016). You will find our inland tariffs on Hapag-Lloyd website. Rates have already been filed in the public tariffs with 30 days’ notice.


Sept 2, 2020

Maersk: Maersk completes the acquisition of KGH Customs Services

Maersk has on 2nd September finalized the acquisition of KGH Customs Services, a pan-European customs services provider, further strengthening its capabilities as an integrated container logistics company, offering end-to-end supply chain solutions to its global customers.

During the remainder of 2020, Maersk and KGH teams will work together on establishing a joint operating model and optimal structure to serve their customer base going forward. Customers will meanwhile continue to interact with their current contacts in both organizations and enjoy the usual level of service.


Sept 1, 2020

Maersk: Maersk announces changes

Maersk introduces strategic changes. As part of this, the Safmarine brand will be integrated into Maersk to enhance customers’ access to the global integrated offering. In addition, the Damco brand’s Air and LCL (Less than Container Load) offering will be combined with Maersk’s logistics and services products to complement its end-to-end offering. Also, a more simplified and customer-centric global Ocean & Logistics organization is being introduced. Due to the changes, the Safmarine and Damco brands will no longer be marketed by the end of 2020. 

In addition, Maersk will simplify its organizational structure across Ocean & Logistics globally. As part of this, the back offices of Maersk and Hamburg Süd will come closer together into more customer-centric teams, while continuing to meet customers as two separate brands with a differentiated service model. 


Sept 7, 2020

CMA CGM: FAK Rates – From Asia to North Europe

Please find the applicable CMA CGM Freight All Kinds (FAK) rates revised (including the Peak Season Surcharge)(*) as follows as from Sept 15th, 2020 (date of loading in the origin ports) until further notice (but not beyond Sept 30th, 2020):

Asia to North Europe: USD 1,500/2,800/2,850/2,800 per 20’/40’/40’HC/40’Reefer.

Base rate to base port rates – Outports are subj. to usual TAO/TAD


These new FAK rates will apply as follows:

Origin Range: From all Asian ports (including Japan, Southeast Asia and Bangladesh)

Destination Range: To all Northern European ports (including UK and the full range from Portugal to Finland/Estonia)

Cargo: Dry cargo, OOG, Paying empties and Reefer cargo

Date of application: From Sept 15th, 2020 (date of loading in the origin ports) until further communication but not beyond Sept 30th, 2020.


(*) These rates include the Basic Ocean Freight and the Bunker-related surcharges other than the LSS IMO2020 and the Peak Season charges and similar charges. They are subject to other Bunker-related surcharges including the LSS IMO2020, the THC (Origin and Destination) and the Safety and Security-related surcharges which are accessible at http://www.cma-cgm.com/ebusiness/tariffs/charge-finder. Other charges such as Contingency charges and local charges may also apply.


Sept 7, 2020

CMA CGM: GRR - From India West Coast to Kenya & Tanzania

Effective Oct 1, 2020 (BL Date), GRR USD 100/ teu will be applied for all cargo dry, reefer, OOG and breakbulk from India West Coast To Mombasa (Kenya) & Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)


Sept 7, 2020

CMA CGM: PSS - From Asia to North Europe

PSS will be applied as follows:


Origin Range: From all Asian ports (including Japan, Southeast Asia and Bangladesh)

Destination Range: To all Northern European ports (including UK and the full range from Portugal to Finland/Estonia)

Cargo: Dry, Paying empties, OOG, Reefer

Date of application: From September 15th, 2020 (date of loading in the origin ports) until further notice but not beyond September 30th, 2020

Amount: USD 150 per TEU


(*)The associated basic freights are available here: https://www.cma-cgm.com/ebusiness/prices-finder. Bunker-related surcharges including the LSS IMO2020, THC (Origin and Destination) and Safety and Security-related surcharges may also apply and are accessible at http://www.cma-cgm.com/ebusiness/tariffs/charge-finder. Other charges such as contingency charges and local charges may be applicable.


Sept 7, 2020

CMA CGM: CMA CGM and APL Trade Network

CMA CGM is simplifying the trade network of CMA CGM and APL. 

As from Oct 1, 2020:

-      CMA CGM will be the sole commercial carrier of the Group operating in the Transpacific trade.  

-      APL, a long-time service partner for the U.S. government, will focus on its service to the United States government through its fleet of U.S.-flagged vessels to solidify and enhance the Group’s specialization in this key business segment.

For more Q&A, please visit https://services.cmacgm-group.com/welcome


Sept 3, 2020

OOCL: Montreal and Halifax Terminal Congestion

The Montreal Gateway Terminals (MGT) along with Termont terminals have resumed operations as of last week. However, they are experiencing congestion with the expectation that inbound cargo moving via the rail might have excessive delays. For more information, please contact the respective terminals directly.


Halifax terminals also continue to experience excessive delays caused by congestion.  While efforts are ongoing to prioritize dwelling cargo, inbound shipments moving via rail through the Port of Halifax are having extended dwell with longer than average transit times.   Please also refer to the Port of Halifax website for updates on average inbound dwell times: https://www.portofhalifax.ca.


Sept 2, 2020

OOCL: Trans-Pacific Trade – Service Update

The following Trans-Pacific sailings will be withdrawal in October:

Pacific China North 1 (PCN1):
Port rotation: Tianjin – Qingdao – Shanghai – Prince Rupert – Long Beach – Seattle – Tianjin
Void sailing from Tianjin on October 3

Pacific China Central 1 (PCC1):
Port rotation: Ningbo – Shanghai – Pusan – Long Beach – Pusan – Ningbo
Void sailing from Ningbo October 10

Vietnam China Service (VCS):
Port rotation: Shanghai – Ningbo – Long Beach – Oakland – Lianyungang – Shanghai
Void sailing from Shanghai October 9

Pacific North West 1 (PNW1):
Port rotation: Shekou – Hong Kong – Yantian – Kaohsiung – Vancouver – Seattle – Pusan – Kaohsiung – Shekou
Void sailing from Shekou October 17

Pacific North West 2 (PNW2):
Port rotation: Yantian – Xiamen – Ningbo – Shanghai – Pusan – Seattle – Vancouver – Yantian
Void sailing from Yantian October 5

Pacific North West 4 (PNW4):
Port rotation: Hong Kong – Yantian – Ningbo – Shanghai – Prince Rupert – Vancouver – Shanghai – Hong Kong
Void sailing from Hong Kong October 6

East Coast China 2 (ECC2):
Port rotation: Qingdao – Ningbo – Shanghai – Pusan – Colon – Savannah – Charleston – Boston – New York – Colon – Qingdao
Void sailing from Qingdao October 6

Gulf Coast China 1 (GCC1):
Port rotation: Hong Kong – Shekou – Ningbo – Shanghai – Pusan – Houston – Mobile – New Orleans – Miami – Singapore - Hong Kong
Void sailing from Hong Kong October 9

Gulf Coast China 2 (GCC2):
Port rotation: Shanghai – Ningbo – Xiamen – Yantian – Houston – Mobile – Tampa – Shanghai
Void sailing from Shanghai October 4

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All World Shipping Head Office: Tampa, USA

Other offices: Accra, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Istanbul, Mumbai, Shanghai


Email Address: info@allworldshipping.com

Website: www.allworldshipping.com