3,997 Agents in 160 Countries
MAY 2023


Dear AWS Member,

As our family of worldwide agents continues to grow, almost 4000 agents in 160 countries, our area of coverage widens as well as our exposure.
In order to properly support this growth and avoid heavy monetary fines, suspensions or disruptions in service, we all must remain diligent in following the AWS outlined procedures. 
Our system is specifically designed with these procedures in place to ensure we are compliant with all the current laws and regulations , enforceable by the governing agencies involved.  Additionally, this helps protect us all from any disputes or liabilities that may arise from a shipment.   
This message is consistently reinforced by our team and detailed in all our literature.
This is a call to action and a follow-up from our broadcast in September asking for the same.
The following requirements must be followed:  
-All World Shipping must be reflected as the Shipper on carrier MBLs, if HBLs are to be issued (All trade routes)
-NRAs tariff must be filed and completed with the corresponding carrier Booking # (In/Out of USA)
-HBLs must be completed for all corresponding AMS transmissions (Inbound USA)
Some flexibility has been built into the system to accommodate changes however we are developing additional control features that will force specific actions to assist our compliance efforts.
Again, It is important we work together to avoid jeopardizing our FMC authority and good standing in the trade community‚Ķone which we all benefit from.  We look forward to your full cooperation in adhering to all AWS policies and procedures.
Thank you for your attention and support.
All World Shipping Team





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