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July 2023

Ocean Carrier Updates

Dear AWS Member,
Please find updates to some of our Ocean Carrier service contracts along with other pertinent information that should be helpful to you and your teams.  These updates are available in RateScope as well as our Service Contract section, now detailing the most recent date of Amendment.
Carrier:                                                                                                      Contract #:

ONE LINE :  Asia /India SC to USA/Canada : Renewed contract for              ATL 0350N23
                   another year.             
ONE LINE :  USA export Worldwide : Renewed contract for                         ATL 0076N23
                    another year.                         
CMA:  Asia/India to USA: Renewed both contracts for another year.             23 - 2595
CMA:  N. Europe to USA:  Renewed contract for another year.                      23 - 1002       

MSC:  N. Europe to USA :  Expanded scope of origin and                             22 - 026EUUS
          destination Arbitrary points.       
MSC:  USA to Latin America and N. Europe: Added exports to                      23 - 017ECSA
          North Europe base ports. 
COSCO:  Asia/India to USA : Expanded origin Arbitrary points to                 SEN23888
              include South Asia, Malaysia and Indonesia.
EVERGREEN:  Asia/India to USA.  Renewed contract for another year         92536            
ZIM Lines:  Renewed export USA contract for another year.                       7110149983
                   Very interested in helping us. 
MAERSK:   In discussions to renew global contract for                               74508945  
                  another year                                                       
HAPAG-LLOYD:  In discussions to re-establish regional contracts.  

Please ensure All World Shipping is being reflected as the Shipper on all MBLs as suggested:
          (Your company name) As Agent for       OR      (Your company name)  On Behalf of
          All World Shipping Corp                                  All World Shipping Corp
          Followed by Your Address                                Followed by Your Address
Its imperative we follow these above procedures for FMC Compliance as well as Liability Protection with the carriers Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions.
We must also show a direct link between the Master Bill of Lading and the AWS House Bill of Lading.

We hope the above information is helpful. We will continue to explore new ideas that can help your business expand. Your cooperation and support is appreciated.
All World Shipping Team.





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