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APRIL 2023

RateScope – New Rate Search Feature                                                        

Dear AWS Member,

It was great to see everyone at the Singapore World Conference in February.  We appreciate the time and attention you were able to dedicate, all in effort to learn more about each other business and how we can work closer. 
One exciting project we discussed together was our new Ocean Rate and Contract Management tool called RateScope. This new platform, powered by WCAs Freightoscope, will be built into the AWS system and will deliver an efficient and comprehensive look- up of our Ocean service contracts.
Again, we recognize that it is a cumbersome process today so this will now deliver port pair search results in a quick, modern display with the ability to compare options on screen.   In addition, it will provide the ability to include live Carrier Spot rates from up to ten industry leading steamship line vendors in the same platform.
We are excited that RateScope will now allow us to manage, interpret and deliver our contracts to you quicker with greater accuracy and coverage. 
RateScope will replace the current “Look-Up Aid” and will be located in the same dropdown button on our site. We will continue to provide each actual contract and amendments in their entirety, along with each amendment date, in the Service Contract section as normal.
Further information, including a demonstration video, will soon be available for when this new feature will be live for all our members.

As always, thank you for your continued support and cooperation.
All World Shipping Team





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