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Helpful New Information

Dear AWS member,

Please find some carrier and system updates that should be helpful to you and your teams.

We have posted a few new service contracts and options, listed below, that should provide additional coverage depending on your location:

New ONE contract: Asia /India SC to USA/Canada

New CMA contract: Asia/India SC to USA

Current MSC Contract from Europe to USA : expanded scope of origin coverage

Current ONE Contract from USA outbound: now includes Australia

Zim has announced a new E-Z Quote platform

ONE Quote from ONE Line has released a new version

** Please know that with all the swift changes occurring, our “Look Up Aid” is not currently reflecting the most accurate information and we strongly suggest utilizing the actual contract as well as verifying locally with each respective carrier.

From a system standpoint, please see below updates:

New Customer Service email: cs@allworldshipping.com replaces info@allworldshipping.com
Please make note for present and future communication.

Notification feature alerting when HBLs are pending for AMS transmissions.
As communicated, it’s imperative we remain diligent in completing all HBLs or risk your access being denied.

Canada ACI : Looking to add a new feature providing the ability to process Advanced Canada Importer Security Filings.
This function will be similar as we currently provide today for USA and Japan. More details to come.

“How To” Section.
We are looking to develop a Member section on the website that will provide official guidelines and forms for needs such as Claims , Abandon Cargo, HBL variations and printing…..this will continue to evolve.

We hope the above information is helpful. We will continue to explore new ideas and tools to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness. As always, your support is appreciated.

All World Shipping Team.


E: info@allworldshipping.com

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