AWS Service Contracts & Rate Agreements

The All World Shipping Service Contracts are viewable in your web browser by clicking on the links below, AWS Service Contracts also have downloadable word documents in zip format so you can print them out, click on the links below to download.

Note we have restructured the Service Contracts into 2 columns to make searching and downloading easier.
The Service Contract and Current Amendment column contains the base Service Contract and all details together with the most current complete amendment. Since most ocean carriers completely update the total Service Contract when they publish an amendment, this will provided you the necessary information to confirm all applicable charges for a shipment. All previous amendments have been moved to the Archived file in the 3rd column.

 Shipping Line   Service Contract and Current Applicable amendment  Archived
 Trade Lane   Expiry Date 
 CMA CGM    AWS - CMA CGM SC 16-0818 (Amend 12)  USA to Caribbean / Latin America, Europe, Mediterranean, ISC, Australia ,New Zealand.
 Asia and Europe to USA  
 31 May 2017 
 Evergreen     AWS - Evergreen SC 67461 (Amend 3)  Europe/Asia to USA, USA to Far East / Middle East / Europe / South America / Caribbean   30 Apr 2018 
 Hamburg Sud    AWS - Hamburg Sud SC ASGC6000027 (Amend 10)  NORTH AMERICA East Coast; US GULF to SOUTH AMERICA East Coast   18 Jan 2018 
 Hapag Lloyd     AWS - Hapag Lloyd SC S16EGE024 (Amend 6)  Europe to USA   30 June 2017 
 HYUNDAI     AWS - HYUNDAI SC 21238 (Amend 20)  USA to Europe; South America, Middle East   30 June 2017 
 K. LINE     AWS - K. LINE SC RIC5021801 (Amend 14)  USA to Asia; Europe   31 July 2017 
 MAERSK    AWS - Maersk SC 74508945  Germany / Spain / Slovenia / Colombo to USA   31 Dec 2017 
 MOL    AWS - MOL SC US0002E50 (Amend 2)  Asia to the USA   30 Apr 2018 
 MOL    AWS - MOL SC US0001QML (Amend 13)  USA to Asia, Med, Middle East, India/Pak and Europe.   30 June 2017 
 MSC    AWS - MSC SC 17-036OTE  USA to Middle East & Gulf,    12 Apr 2018 
 NYK    AWS - NYK SC1206491  USA/Canada to Asia/ Middle East & ISC/ Europe/ Latin Americas/ Australia   30 Apr 2018 
 OOCL    AWS - OOCL SCMT166810 (Amend 10)  Europe to USA
 USA, Canada, Latin America to Asia, Europe, Middle East, Mediterranean
 30 Sep 2017 
 SEABOARD MARINE    AWS - SEABOARD MARINE SC 01246 (Amend 1)  USA to Caribbean and South America    31 May 2017 
 ZIM    AWS - ZIM SC Z17080FL (Amend 14)  USA to Asia / Caribbean / Europe / Middle East / Central&South America / Africa / Israel,
 Asia to USA 
 01 May 2018 

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